Machine Learning Engineer

CSS Payroll Co, L.P.   Los Angeles, CA   Full-time     Engineering
Posted on May 15, 2022
CSS Payroll Co, L.P. Machine Learning Engineer CSS Payroll Co, L.P. (Los Angeles, CA) seeks Machine Learning Engineer to bld new foundtnl sftwre & machne learng systms thrgh cmplx sftwre dvpmt in ordr to enable globlly scaled kitchn infrstrctre & real estate innvatns. Bld theoretcl data sci modls used to dvlp sftwre prgrms & enable machnes to idntfy pattrns in progrmmng data & teach themslves to undrstnd commnds. Use data-drivn algrthms to enable sftwre apps to become highly accrate in predctng outcomes. Emply STLC methdlgy in agile envrnmt. Suppt, maintn, enhnce, & optmze exstng sftwre systms & platfms. Redsgn or modfy sftwre apps to imprve them. Write, debug & maintn test code for machne learng sftwre systms. Dsgn scalable fault-tolernt archtctrl systms. Reqs PhD in CompSci or closly rltd fld +4yrs exp in offrd pos or as Sftwre Engnr or Rsrch Scientst. All reqd exp mustve incld: prfmng rsrch on machne learng, pattrn recognitn, data mining & AI; bldng data-drvn predictve systms to solve anlytcl prblms; dvlpng highly scalable classifiers & tools levrgng machne learng, pattrn recogntn, statstcs & othr mathematcal modls; devisng data-drvn modls of human bhvr; adptng stndrd machne learng methds enterprise mdrn parallel envrnmts; wrkng w/ algrthms, data strctres, systms sftwre & Java; bldng prfrmnt scalable fault-tolrnt distrbuted systms; dsgng, implmtng, & testng sftwre imprvemts in Agile envrnmt. Telecommutng accptble from any location in US. Email res to toni.cabangon

CSS Payroll Co, L.P.

Los Angeles , CA