Skylock Industries

1290 W Optical Dr
Azusa , CA

Quality Assurance Engineer

Skylock Industries
Azusa, CA Full-time
Posted on January 22, 2019

Non-exempt, employee by a range of $19.00 – 23.00/hr. depending on experience; this position has potential to grow and prosper with the company overtime with the possibilities to expand into mgmt.

Requesting a Quality Assurance Engineer with diversified tribal knowledge and expertise in the Aerospace Industry with Mfg. and Operations backgrounds to service metallic fabrication operations in a highly fast-paced machine shop environment and supports the Quality Assurance manager to meet daily necessity. 

Preferred backgrounds as a huge plus:

·         Hands-on, Analytical, methodical, thoroughly organized and cooperative team player with abilities to excel in learning, training and facilitating to others

·         Candidate must lead by example for outstanding interpersonal skills with ethical and moral values to motivate others

·         Collaborate with clarity by verbal and written communications to: customers, supply-chain, echelon, program, project and procurement, engineering management and other production floor disciplines

·         Understand capability and capacity thresholds to provide best cycle times in performance levels to mfg. conduct outside processes, assemble and deliver repeatable quality product

·         Uphold proficiency in Mechanical aptitude, Materials Science & Processes, Manufacturing and Research & Development to estimating

·         Ability to interpret build – to – print DWGs, Parts and Data Listing, ECNs and OEM to professional society materials to process specifications by revision level

·         Multitask to reprioritize assignment and work overtime at a moment’s notice to meet company objectives

·         Background in support to AS9100/2015 and NADCAP regulations in mfg. non-destructive testing, surface preparations, etc.

·         Perform in-process and final inspection protocol for first piece qualification to buy-off of parts, components, details & accessories to meet schedule, budget and daily, weekly to monthly financial objectives

·         Maintain QMS and ASL, edit or write Level III Procedures and Level IV forms to represent optimum operational process flow

·         Ability to accomplish tasks in RCCA as preventative measure and/or continuous improvements and then validate effectiveness to standardize workflow processes.  Comprehends infraction and deviation and can accommodate CAPA to prohibit reoccurrence.

·         Ability to conduct realignment of supply-chain through survey, audit and when necessary work strategically to accomplish goals to produce conforming product in a timely manner

·         Perform self governance internal audits and ability to make appropriate time and cost efficient decisions for improvement measure

·         Maintain Metrology hand tools and other equipment and when necessary delegate recall for  cyclic internal & external calibration

·         Ability to perform MRB protocol in bond, quarantine, rework and repair efforts per serviceable standards acceptable to customer expectations

·         Proficient in Document Control and Records Management to extract and interpret appropriate certification to sequenced processes

·         Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university preferred and/or AQS Certified or in-process for obtaining certification but will entertain hiring a candidate without these credentials by multi years of experience and having the right mfg. aptitude

·         Compensation: 100% Medical coverage for Employee