Standard Homeopathic Company, Inc.

Gardena , CA

Strategic Data Analyst

Standard Homeopathic Company, Inc.
Gardena, CA Full-time
Posted on September 9, 2018

Standard Homeopathic Company, Inc. Strategic Data Analyst to produce financial market intel by querying data repositories and gnratng reports.

Duties: get business intel data; update business intel tool, database, dashboard, system and method; ID/Analyze competitive market strats/trends with Excel, Python & R programming; apply stat techs to get business intel/trend data for hi-lvl analysis for decision making; & using Tableau to make dashboards to draw conclusions for business operations and management review.

Position requires: Bachelor’s deg in quantitative discipline [foreign degree equivalent accepted]+ 2 years experience integrating business intel data & implementing predict models with machine learn & data mining algorithms; analyzing data with Excel, Python & R programs; applying stat techniques i.e. correlation, time series & regression analysis; & using Tableau to prep mo. reports on sales/market KPI. 

- J.B.